In each and every epoch in history - except for the so called Modernism - woven fabrics have been an essential, if not THE defining item of a room, expressing splendour, wealth and taste. That is why through the centuries accordingly high demands on the fabric?s quality, enormous skills in production and high competition have been developed . All this lead to Masteries that today one individual alone cannot achieve anymore in a whole lifetime.

However, the times of universal geniuses are gone.

Every reconstruction is an individual challenge with its own specific aspects - from Ikat to brocade, from taffeta to figured fabrics, from Tibet to the wool jacquard, from chintz to moiré.

A reconstruction is not just a soulless copy. To reach a successful result it needs various abilities and skills combined as well as a team working together to achieve one goal: reach the optimum.

We believe that these challenges can only be solved in partnerships - for a result that meets highest demands.

Art historians, restorers, interior designers - textile manufacturers, designers, weavers, printers, trimming manufacturers, production managers - dyers, twisters, refiners, yarn suppliers - interior decorators, restorers in trade, and even if necessary researchers, mechanical engineers and electronic specialists, national as well as throughout Europe - all of them work together  to authentically revive the splendor and elegance of former epochs.

During decades of cooperation our team of experts has found together and works with an understanding that does not need many words.

Back to the original - that is our mission. However, to fulfill this mission, we use state of the art technology being in constant development and customization. We believe that only this guarantees an almost perfect reconstruction.

Eschke seidenmanufaktur stands for this efficient cooperation and an optimal result, again and again stimulated by our own production. We use our entire experience and creativity, our knowledge, our abilities and the fine feelings of four family generations working with textiles - that is what makes us an unprecedented pioneer in Europe.