1972 till 1990

On April 24th, 1972 GDR government orders a forced ?sale? of the company to the state. This de facto expropriation takes place within the final campaign to eliminate private industrial structures. The ambition of this campaign - to neutralize competition and equalize ownership structures for all economic enterprises - will be proven later to be a momentous mistake for the GDR economy.Through the appointment of Wolfgang Eschke - son of Karl Eschke and member of the fourth family generation - as director of the new nationally owned enterprise, continuation of the company?s philosophy can be ensured. The firm succeeds to integrate the old telegraphic address - ?brokat? - into the new name - the Richard Eschke KG is renamed to veb brokat muehltroff. Considering the political circumstances this development is acceptable enough for Karl Eschke to continue work in the company as head of product development for another five years, before he finally retires at the age of 75.Even under the socialistic circumstances the company further advances. Twice, in 1974 and 1987, the company is equipped with new french looms - the production specializes in fabrics for blouses and dresses for the export to the so called ?non socialistic economic area?. Among the customers are the department stores of Quelle, Neckermann und co. as well as the GDR special trade Exquisit. Also the company successfully completes a multitude of reconstruction projects of historically valuable silk fabrics for the Potsdam palaces.The staff member?s high creativity wins eight Gold medals of Leipzig Fair for the company. Further awards follow, for example the award for ?Good design? from the department for industrial design and the title ?Company of the artistic textile production? in the year 1987.

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