1992 till 2003

After German Reunification and following tough negotiations with the ?Treuhandanstalt? (trust agency) Wolfgang Eschke?s bid enables a privatization. VEB brokat muehltroff is renamed to Seidenweberei Eschke and fundamentally transformed into an internationally focused company. In 1990 it is granted access to the Première Vision in Paris as first exhibitor from East Germany. Further participations at fairs in Frankfurt, Milano, New York, Chicago, Yokohama and Beijing follow. In 1993 the company finishes development of its product line ?Crepèjacquard? and starts introducing it to more and more market areas. Especially France becomes a major market for Eschke productsDue to the only in 1987 acquired modern dobby and jacquard looms SD 400 the company can focus its investment activities on weaving preparations, a CAD working station and a modern PPS software.Parallel to the main production line of highly modern fabrics for ladies wear reconstruction of historically valuable fabrics is being continued. In 1992 Seidenweberei Eschke achieves the installation of the repeatwise so far largest electronical jacquard machinery in cooperation with Grosse company, Neu-Ulm. The years 1997, 1998 and 1999 are characterized by pleasing increases in sale, enabling the company to temporarily stabilize. However, the trend of especially German clothing companies to buying finished products from the Far East is being recognized to late, which finally leads to a decrease in sales in 2002 and the company?s insolvency in 2003.

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