2003 till 2011

The company is refounded as eschke seidenmanufaktur by Helga Eschke and reestablished in Crimmitschau using most of the former company?s expertise and the most important machines.

Eschke seidenmanufaktur focuses exclusively on:

-  reconstruction of historically valuable textiles

-  high quality textiles for the sacral sector

-  individual custom made fabrics for private customers moving to Crimmitschau  permits to continue working in this field of production.

As it turns out these assortments still have potentials for further development - in quantity as well as in quality. A multitude of continually improved reconstructions are delivered to customers in Germany as well as abroad - some of them are listed under references.On the other hand sacral textiles and individual custom made production for private customers become a more and more important part of production.The name ?eschke? is being listed as registered trademark.In 2008 another jacquard loom with special adjustments to the company?s needs is purchased from Dornier, Lindau.Eschke seidenmanufaktur also succeeds in several national and international tenders.The company?s team grows - a new weaver is being trained from 2009 to 2011 and in 2011 a graduate of the Westsaechsische Hochschule Zwickau, university of applied sciences, specialized in textile technics joins in. The reinvention of a ?hand? brocading technique, enabled through the alteration of one of the machines, closes another gap of historical weaving technologies. Today eschke seidenmanufaktur can rebuild almost every flat woven fabric true to the original.


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