During decades of work we have been developing certain principles for the reconstruction of textiles:

  •  -               We analyze broadly and scientifically.

  •  -               The existing technology is being adjusted to the fabric - the material is custom- made according to the findings and results of the analysis.

  •  -               We use state of the art know-how and technology to achieve the originality of the fabric.

  •  -               Before placing the order our customers get a report of all potential and unavoidable differences to the original.

  •  -               Colors are defined together with the customer based on yarn lab dips.

  •  -               The customer receives the first pattern repeat for approval. Adjustments are still possible at this time.

  •  -               Our ambition is to reach the original fabric in its former new condition.

  •  -               We consider an order to be finished only after the fabric has been properly attached.

  •  -               Reconstruction of textiles for us is a task equal to restoration.

  •  -               A continuing and trustful cooperation with conservators and building owners during the whole process of reconstruction is a main principle of our work.

  •  -               Reconstruction can be based on:

o       Remains of the original fabric showing the full repeat pattern or parts of it up to small yarn remains

o       Photographs

o       Descriptions

o       Analogies

We are able to reconstruct almost every flat fabrics, including figured fabrics, subject to individual analysis.